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To obtain a visa to Ukraine the following documents must be submitted:


2. VISA APPLICATION FORM duly filled out in English and signed.

3. ORIGINAL OF GREEN CARD, VALID US VISA (with I-94 form), or copies of other documents of the US immigration services, which must also be valid for, at least three months beyond the applicant’s last day of stay in the country.

4. COPY OF THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE (for people born in Ukraine only)

5. ONE PASSPORT-SIZE PHOTOGRAPH or submit your photo electronically via our e-mail for $8.00 per print.
* Pictures must be high resolution, clear, contrast and white background.

6. FOR PRIVATE VISA: ORIGINAL INVITATION LETTER * from relatives or friends obtained from the local OVIR.

7. FOR BUSINESS VISA: INVITATION LETTER * from receiving party in Ukraine. The invitation must be signed and sealed by the hosting organization, and accompanied by a clear copy of its valid Certificate of Registration in Ukraine.  Also, the constituent documents, which confirm that an applicant is a cofounder of the firm or a representative of his company in Ukraine; or documents which confirm investments in the national economy of Ukraine; or documents which confirm business relations of intentions to establish them in Ukraine. Multiple-entry visa is valid from six months and up  to 3 years depending on the nationality.

8. PAYMENT by:
Money order, check issued to CTVC or *credit card + 5% service charge
*Please fill a credit card charge authorization form and enclose it in your application package

Visa processing fees including consular fee:                                                                


$ 280.00 – 10 business days processing


$ 290.00 - 10 business days processing


$ 325.00 – 10 business days processing

$ 340.00 - 5 business days processing

$ 390.00 – 5 business days processing

$ 590.00 – 5 business days processing

$ 440.00 – next business day processing        

$ 490.00 – next business day

$ 690.00 – next business day processing


* Invitation letters are NOT necessary for citizens of US, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Slovak Republic, Turkey, and European Union
If you don’t have an official invitation CTVC can provide you with:
$100.00 –
single/double entry visa invitation + visa fee – 3 business days processing
$250.00 –
multiple entry visa fee invitation + visa fee – 3 business days processing

9. SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE or enclose $ 30.00 for overnight FedEx express delivery.
*FedEx express is recommended

In case of denial of visa by the consulate or cancellation or amendments by client, processing fees is not refundable.
Visa processing time does not include mailing time.
All consular fees and processing time are subject to change without notice.
Consulate may require additional information.
CTVC is not responsible for the loss of documents in the mail.  

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